Dry-type Air Cylinder Laminating Machine

  • With automatic tension control system from rewinding and unwinder
  • Oven lid adopt pneumatic control,the guiding roller inside the oven synchronization moving voluntarily
  • Independent 3 segment tempreture control,hot wind feeding system
  • Newly designed 3 roller pressing type, making the pressure more symmetrical ,laminating stronger
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    Model CWGFH-800B CWGFH-1000B
    Max.Laminating Width 800mm 1000mm
    Layer Quantity of Laminating 2layer 2layer
    Laminating Speed 130min 130min
    Max Heating Power 36kw 45kw
    Power 66kw 77kw
    Weight 9000kg 10000kg
    Overall Dimension 11000×2500×3100mm 11000×2700×3100mm