Fully Automatic Bottom Sealing Bag Making Machine by Flying Knife System

  • Newly design flying knife cutting system, easy to exchange the blade
  • Double electric hot heating sealing design, sealing firmly
  • The entire stack, the entire output
  • Can make multi-lane non-print bag.
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    Type CW-1000FB CW-1200FB CW-1400FB CW-1600FB
    Bag making length 200-3000mm 200-3000mm 200-3000mm 200-3000mm
    Bag making width 900mm 1100mm 1300mm 1500mm
    Mechanical speed 80pcs/min 80pcs/min 80pcs/min 70pcs/min
    Film thickness (mm) 0.04×2-0.25×2 0.04×2-0.25×2 0.04×2-0.25×2 0.04×2-0.25×2
    Total power 7.5KW 8KW 9KW 10KW
    Machine weight 1800kg 2000kg 2100kg 2200kg
    Machine dimension 6000X1800X1300mm 6000X2000X1300mm 6000X2200X1300mm 6000X2400X1300mm
    Air compressor 6HP 6HP 6HP 6HP