Fully Automatic Draw Tape Garbage Bag Making Machine for Overlap&Perforation Bag-on-Roll Without Core

This machine special for making perforation bag-on-roll bag, rewind with 4pcs servo motor, high speed bag making and non-stop roll exchanger design . Both can make overlap and perforation roll bag

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Model CW-1000PG+OR CW-1000PG
Unwinder Width 1000mm 1000mm
Unwinder Diameter ¢900mm(max) ¢900mm(max)
Length of bag making 500-1100mm 500-1100mm
Bag Making Speed 100pcs/min 100pcs/min
Line Speed 60m/min 60m/min
Rewinding Width 300mm 300mm
Max.Diameter of Rewinding ¢130mm ¢160mm
Finished Roll Exchange Times 7rolls/min(max) 8rolls/min(max)
Film Thickness 0.025-0.06mm 0.025-0.06mm
Total Power About 21kw About 9kw
Machine Dimension 15000×2800×3000mm 125000×2800×3000mm
Machine Weight 4500kg 4100kg
Air Compressor 7.5HP 7.5HP