Fully Automatic Heavy-tudy Side Sealing Bag Making Machine + Chicken Bag Device

  • Special design bottom round wicketer bag making device.
  • Top folding continuous sealing device
  • Automatic stacking bag collect table.
  • Opp header bag device.

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Type CW-800RS+CK
Length of bag making (height of bag) 250-750mm
width size of bag making 250-600mm
Speed of bag making SIDE SEAL bag (120pcs/min)
Die cut bag (90pcs/min)
Chicken bag (100pcs/min)
OPP bag (110pcs/min)
Top folding 50-75mm
Bottom gusset 20-60mm
Total power 9.5KW
Machine dimension 6500X2000X2100mm
Machine weight 2000kg
Air compressor 5HP
  • Economy type chicken bag making machine,excellent production technical and perfect chicken bag bottom.