Fully Automatic High Speed Inside Glue Patch Handle Carrier Bag Making Machine

  • From gluing, slitting ,cutting to sticking,it accomplishes with high speed automatically and at one go
  • Special servo motor drive, high speed feeding no inertia
  • Special pattern preheat knife, enhanced sealing hard.
  • Turnover heavy-duty sealing knife seat, easy to clean.
  • The best qualityof Italian side of the sealing blade and hot punching equipment
  • Newly design of side sealing knife cooling and top lift device.
  • The new design of bag stack and speed down conveyor system.

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Model CW-800NJT CW-800NJT+W
Length of bag making 750mm 750mm
Width of bag making
600mm 600mm
Speed of bag making 80-130pcs/min 100-180pcs/min
Line speed 60m/min 80m/min
Bottom gusset 30-80mm 30-80mm
Width size of patch film 145mm 145mm
Total power 16kw 28.6kw
Weight of machine 3500KG 4350KG
Overall dimension 11000×1900×2600mm 14000×1900×2850mm
Air compressor 6HP 7.5HP
  • Glue Patch Handle Bag