Fully Automatic, Servo Driver, Two lines, T-Shirts Bag Making Machine With Hot Slitting & Gusseting Unit


- All UL electrical components.
- Complete UL approval

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Part Number HTS-34ST HTS-42ST
Min. Bag Length 380mm 380mm
Max. Bag Length 700mm 700mm
Min. Bag Width 180mm 180mm
Max. Bag Width 350mm 450mm
Max. Width of Film Roll 1100mm 1350mm
Sealing Thickness 0.008~0.035mm 0.008~0.035mm
Production Speed 250~300 cycle/min./line 250~300 cycle/min./line
Power Requirement 10KW 10KW
Pneumatic requirement 7kgs/cm2, 500L/min 9kgs/cm2, 750L/min
Machine Dimensions
(L X W X H)
8279X2100X2070mm 8279X2100X2070mm