Fully Automatic Super High Speed T-shirt Bag Making Machine+Side Gusset
Model Cw-300v2+GS Cw-400v2+Gs Cw300v2+GS+ST2
Length of bag making 370-700mm 370-700mm 370-700mm
Width of bag making 300mm*2 line 400mm*2 line 300mm*2 line
Line speed 125m/min 125m/min 100m/min
Speed of bag making 250pcs*2 line 250pcs*2 line 230pcs*2 line
Total power About 19kw About 19kw About 20kw
Weight of machine 2900 kgs 3100 kgs 3400 kgs
Dimension of machine 8000*1650*1800mm 8000*1850*1800mm 9500*1700*2200mm