Fully Automatic Vavle Port Filling Bag Making Machine

  • Adopt auto tension control with easy operation.
  • Using Thomson CAM control to lengthen heating time.
  • Independent heating center cut knife,easily cut down.
  • Automatic transverse collection table,convenient to arrange.
  • With anti-skidding embossing device and micro-air hole device.

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Model CW-600VPF
bag making length(height) filling bag 250-650mm
side seal bag 100-550mm
bottom seal bag 200-700mm
bag making width filling bag 250-650mm
side seal bag 100-600mm
bottom seal bag 100-500mm
speed of bag making filling bag 50pcs/min
side seal bag 80pcs/min
bottom seal bag 70pcs/min
side gusset 30-60mm
Bottom gusset 20-50mm(only for side sealing bag)
power 11.8kw
dimension of machine 8100x4050x1800mm
Weight of machine 3100kg
Air compressor 6HP
  • powder material filling bags