HDPE/LDPE Blown Film Machine
MIDI-45HL-450, MIDI-45HL-650

EXTRUDER: = Outupt: 45kgs

45mm Dia Screw Extruder L/D:26:1


- All UL electrical components.
- Complete UL approval

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Nip Roller

450mm, 650mm

Die Head and Air Ring
  • 80 & 100mm Dia.
  • HDPE/LDPE Air Ring "HD/LD"
Take-up Unit With Tower

3.7 M/H Take-up Unit

Winder Unit
  • "SP" Sem-Auto. Surface Type Winder
  • Rewind Dia.:600mm
Motor With Control

20 HP AC Main Motor With Inverter Control

Optional Equipment
  • Die Rotating Device
  • Auto. Loader
  • LDPE Die Head and Air Ring(LDPE)
  • Surface Treater
  • Embossing Roller