Heavy Duty Multi-function Laminated Bag Making Machine + Single Sheet Film Bottom Folded

  • Folding, punch,bottom gusset and sealing automatic design
  • Newly design feeding structure, high speed feeding no shake
  • Special design bottom gusset device, easily to operate
  • Double layers unwinding design, suitable for multi-function laminated bag
  • Newly design zipper and stand up device
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    Model CWZD-400C+FD CWZD-500C+FD CWZD-600C+FD
    Width of unwining 800mm 1000mm 1200mm
    Pouch-making Length 70-380mmxN (N≤6) 70-380mmXN (N≤6) 70-380mmXN (N≤6)
    Pouch-making Width 70-380mm 70-480mm 70-580mm
    Speed 40-150pcs/min 40-150pcs/min 40-150pcs/min
    Set film dragging speed 35m/min 35m/min 30m/min
    Total power 38KW 43KW 48KW
    Machine weight 3900kg 4100kg 4400kg
    Overall dimension 12300X1750X1800mm 12300X1950X1900mm 12300X2050X2000mm