High Speed Calendar Bag Making Machine

  • For bottom sealing bag production as well as calendar bag making
  • With bag blocked device,performation device and punch device for different bag making requirements.
  • Fit for 5-lines blank and printed calendar bag making .
  • THeavy duty unwinder with hydraulic film loading function,with AC motor driving ,automatic tension control
  • Automatic 5 lines hydraulic punch design,fit for multi type punch design,as well as multi machine alarming function.

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Model CW-1100BS5+AP
No.of tracks(max) 5lines
Film unwind width 900mm
Film unwind diameter 1000mm
Bag width(each line) 100mm
Bag length 250-700mm
Thickness of film 0.01-0.04mm
Production speed 200pcs/min
Line speed 85m/min
Total power 17.6KW
Weight of machine 2660kg
Dimension of machine 8800x2030x2050mm