PC PP Hollow Profile Sheet Extrusion Line

The range of products used : Dome, light boxes, billboards, roof tiles, ceilings, automotive supplies, electronic supplies.


- All UL electrical components.
- Complete UL approval

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Screw Main extruder
Screw Co- extruder
Dia 120 mm / 75 mm
Motor 250hp/75hp
Gear Box Taiwanese-made
Heater 陶瓷加熱片7區/5區
Screen changer Dia 130 mm / 80 mm
Gear Pump 70*70/45*45/ mm
Motor of gear pump 20/7.5hp       
Width 1260 mm-2160 mm
Thickness 3.0 mm-16 mm
Dryer Optional
Max capacity 400 kg/hr
Vacuum forming unit 2200 mm
Vacuum motor Germany-made
TEMP controller Taiwanese-made 6 in 1 TEMP controller
First taking off rollers Rubber*8, Germany-made motor,
Italy-made gear box
Oven 1 set,aluminum heater,14zone
Cooling frame and blower 1 Set
Second taking off rollers Rubber*4, Germany-made motor,
Italy-made gear box
Protection films 氣漲軸四支,半自動張力控制器
Cross-cutting Air shift*4,semiautomatic tension controler 1 set, T/Width 2300 mm