Integrated Solutions provides US manufacturers with a safe option to purchase high quality overseas products at competitive prices.

Creating A Bridge Between Domestic Plastic Producers, Printers and Converters, With Oversea Quality Equipment.

Creating A Bridge Between Domestic Plastic Producers, Printers and Converters, With Oversea Quality Equipment

Integrated Solutions Co. (ISI) was founded on June 1, 2002 in Santa Ana, California with a vision of creating a bridge between the domestic plastic manufacturers, printers, and converters, with lower cost, quality equipment from Asia. In December of 2007, Joe Whann became the principal shareholder, and moved the business to Huntington Beach, California. In April of 2018, after business continued to grow, ISI expanded into a much larger facility in Garden Grove, CA.

With our extensive background of plastic processing machinery, and the understanding of the demands from the US market, we fulfill our customers’ needs with lower cost, high quality equipment to successively help them be more competitive on a global scale.
ISI started with Corona treaters, Plasma Treater and expanded our representation to include Flexographic printing presses, Blown film extruders, Winders, and many auxiliary supporting equipment. In 2017, ISI added a complete line of sheet and hollow profile extruders.

Beside our sales experience, ISI offer many years of “in the plant, hands on experience”. We have worked on the floor in manufacturing plants like yours. Hands-on Operation, maintaining, and engineering the design of many of the machines we now offer for sale.

ISI handles all the issues in purchasing Asian equipment, from specification, ordering, in process manufacturing and final inspection, shipment and delivery to your dock. We also offer complete installation and training.

ISI is known for our ability to support what we sell. We stock many consumable, and wear-&-tear parts at our ISI warehouse. If you need a part for your equipment, call ISI directly. No worries or headaches with time differences or translation issues. If necessary, we can arrange a stocking program in the US to meet your specific requirements.

Please contact us to discuss what we can do for your projects. Our knowledgeable staff will eliminate your worries such as language difficulty, communication barriers, print translations, metric conversion, shipping, importation, etc. We can deliver your equipment to your dock with all expenses and cost known. If you do by chance encounter any problems, our products carry full warranty, and all services and warrantees are handled in our office in Garden Grove, California.

We have always offered all UL rated electrical components and a CE listing options. Now we can offer complete NRTL (UL) approved equipment that will meet your local codes and safety requirements.

We are here to lower your costs, save you time, and to make your equipment purchase go smoothly and seamlessly.


Rancho Cucamonga, CA Division, “Omega Plastics”

History with ISI – Long time customer for Corona Treaters, Rubber Rollers, and Air Shafts.

Interview with James Sikorski – Plant Manager, Rancho Cucamonga

Testimonial:Isi is a hands-on, very helpful, and reliable company. I have already purchased around ten treaters from them. The treaters are small, compatible, and reliable, and I am already a repeat customer!”


Organix Solutions

History with ISI – Ongoing relationship with ISI. Organix is working on a new biopolymer product – Compostable and biodegradable film and bags. ISI has helped with designing the line, installing the line, testing the line, and getting the people to run it

Interview with Stuart MacDonald – Director of Market Development, Maple Grove, Wisconsin.

Testimonial: “When we need to expand and replace equipment, we rely on ISI. The owner, Joe, has deep relationships in China and Taiwan to select quality multilayer extrusion and flexo equipment. His knowledge and service installed is unparalleled in the industry. Joe is a great partner and friend.”


Customer Protected by NDA

History with ISI ISI has been a longtime supplier of parts to support this customer’s industry. They are a long-time repeat customer with repeating $300-500K annual orders.

Interview with: Customer’s name protected by NDA

Testimonial: “We have been using ISI for almost 10 years, with excellent results. Their team works hard so you don’t have to learn all of the ins and outs of international product manufacturing. They take care of everything from start to finish, with samples ahead of production. The ownership partners with the customer to create a very beneficial result. Trade secrets are kept as the number one priority. Costs are extremely competitive, saving my company up to 30 percent in manufacturing costs.”


Inteplast Company

History with ISI – Inteplast has purchased over 100 corona treaters, 3, 4-color stack presses, surface winders, several 100” post gusseters, and servo shuttle bag machines, as well as a highly customized bag machine winder for a proprietary product.

Interview with Andy Lu – Department head of T-shirt extrusion, T-shirt conversion, and industrial bags/films in Lolita, Texas.

Testimonial: “ISI’s products are reliable, easy to use, and easy to maintain. ISI provides quality service… 100%, no problem. Any issues are always taken care of.”


Lacerta Group, Inc.

History with ISI – A couple of Lacerta’s purchases included a 4-color print CI press, and a special press for 500 micron PET with sleeves.

Interview with Mostafa Lofti – Owner, Mansfield, Massachusetts.

Testimonial“I have been a customer with ISI for over 7 years.  I was not confident in dealing directly with Taiwan/China, so I went to ISI.  ISI has more than delivered.  I purchased a Flexographic Print Press and a Gun Drilling Machine.  The quality was exceptional, and far better than I expected.  The pricing was amazing.  The owner, Joe, is extremely knowledgeable and helpful in all fields of manufacturing.  When he says something, he delivers!”


Walco, Inc

History with ISI – ISI has supplied Walco support and service for steel/rubber/bow/heated rollers and air shafts since 2001.

Interview with Stuart Davis – CEO, Walco, Inc.  Rancho Cucamonga, California

Testimonial“Joe Whann and his team have provided exceptional service, support, and ideas to Walco, for over 10+ years so far.  His team’s suggestions have saved Walco’s clients tens of thousands of dollars and given dependable, predictable production returns for every Walco using Joe’s products.
Well done and THANK YOU. 
Stuart M. Davis”


Bag Parts & Machinery Inc

History with ISI – ISI has been supplying, building, and manufacturing machinery used for extrusion, printing and converting of plastic film for CACO since 2001.  Machinery includes both stock & custom designs.

Interview with Charles Alphonso – Owner, Ocklawaha, Florida.

Testimonial: “I have been doing business with ISI for more than 20 years and never had a problem. Joe has always gone out of his way to get me the items I need. Thanks so much for your help.”


Northwestern Machinery Sales, Inc.

History with ISI – Northwestern is one of ISI’s representatives.  Northwestern sells ISI equipment and ISI purchases used equipment from Northwestern.

Interview with Jim Wolf – President, Mequon, WI.



Inteplast, Inc.

History with ISI – Inteplast has purchased over 100 corona treaters, 3, 4-color stack presses, surface winders, several 100” post gusseters, and servo shuttle bag machines, as well as a highly customized bag machine winder for a proprietary product.

Interview with Mike Samudio – Lead Maintenance Engineer

Testimonial: “My experience with ISI is an excellent one. ISI is very knowledgeable in all aspects of the plastic industry. I like the fact that I can discuss issues with them and get good answers for my problems. Buying products from ISI comes with great support!”