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Our extensive background in plastic processing machinery enables us to fulfill our customers’ needs with high quality equipment. View our product gallery to learn more about how we've met our customers' needs.

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About Us

Integrated Solutions Co. is the industry-leading provider of plastic process machinery and plastics extrusion consultant services. Their extensive product line includes advanced high-performance systems for plastic cutting, conveying, mixing, feeding, weighing, and more. With decades of experience in the plastics industry, Integrated Solutions Co. offers superior-quality machinery that is reliable and precise.

Whether you're looking for a new piece of equipment or are seeking expert assistance with your plastics operation, Integrated Solutions Co. is ready to help. Trust Integrated Solution's knowledgeable professionals provide superior plastic processing solutions for your industry.

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Most trusted machines in the industry

At ISI, we have been the trusted partner for plastic processing machinery since 2002. Our team has extensive experience working on the floor of manufacturing plants, from hands-on operation and maintenance to engineering design. 

We offer a wide selection of machines for your production needs, such as:

  • Plastic sheet extrusion machine
  • Plastic bag making machine
  • Plastic printing press 

With years of expertise in purchasing Asian equipment, you can trust us to handle all your requirements — from specification through ordering and manufacturing to delivery. 

You can rest assured that you will get the highest quality products with our experience and dedication in this industry.  Our commitment is to provide top-notch services and solutions to maximize production efficiency.

Industries We Serve

Industries across the globe are utilizing plastic processing machinery to increase efficiency and reduce costs. The plastic extrusion machine is a crucial piece of plastic processing equipment used in many different industries, such as:

  • Automotive 
  • Medical device manufacturing 
  • Food packaging
  • Plastic fabrication
  • Construction
  • Consumer goods

These machines can create custom plastic parts that meet specific sizes, shape, strengths, and durability requirements.

Why choose our equipment for all your plastic machining needs

  • Superior Support: We offer expert plastic extrusion consulting services with the most experienced staff in the industry, providing a tailored solution for your plastic processing machinery needs.
  • Quality Equipment: At Integrated Solutions Co, we only source top-quality equipment from reliable manufacturers that use state-of-the-art technologies to ensure optimal performance and durability over time. Our selection of plastic extrusion machines and other plastic machinery are all designed to deliver maximum efficiency while also reducing costs and eliminating potential waste or downtime.
  • Comprehensive Services: Whatever your requirements, we provide all the necessary services to help you get the job done. We offer machine installation and training, preventive maintenance programs, machine troubleshooting, repair services, and emergency support for any unexpected issues.
  • Cost Efficiency: At Integrated Solutions Co, cost savings are essential when purchasing plastic processing machinery equipment. That’s why we have worked hard to create a selection of cost-effective systems designed to deliver superior performance and durability.

Reliable Plastic Processing Machinery

ISI takes great pride in providing its clients with leading technological support, experienced engineering professionals, and a commitment to building solid customer relationships. The most important part of our process is finding the right solution for every business.

You can trust that ISI will give you the best quality service and resources so your business can remain efficient and profitable. Contact us today if you have any further questions or want a consultation about our industry-leading products and services.