Corona Treatment Equipment problems

Many corona treaters break electrodes, burn up the shrouding, fail roll coatings and more. You may find the corona treatment equipment you being use is hard to treat material or is poor for adhesion, in worse situation, it might spend lots of your time on maintaining or repairing. this is the reason you should talk to us, ISI has extensive background of plastic processing machinery, especially the Corona treaters, Plasma Treater and turret winder.

Corona Treatment Equipment problemsCorona Treatment Equipment problems

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Integrated Solution provides a complete line of corona treatment equipment such as, Corona Treater for Blown Film Machine, Corona Treater for Printing, Two Side Corona Treater, One Side Corona Treater, High Speed Corona Treater, Width Corona Treater,Corona Treater for Sheet,Corona Treater for Narrow Web, and we also can offer the customized corona treater as you need.

Corona Treatment Equipment problems

If you have any problem, we will be more than happy to consult with you and provide straightforward solutions and answers to all of your concern on corona treatment equipment.

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