How do you Determine if your Corona Treater Power Supply is Working Correctly?

The corona treater power supplies that ISI provides are known for being highly reliable, easy to maintain, and low cost. These power supplies are extremely versatile in handling all kinds of corona treaters; Corona Plasma Treaters, Corona Treaters for Blown Film, Corona Treaters for Printing, and Corona Treaters for Sheet and Thick Film. The newest […]


What is TURRET WINDER? The turret winder is designed for in-line continuous operations with flying roll change, and normally consists of several rewind rollers, which is ideal for converting operation. When the machine processes, the operator can unload wound rolls and reload new core for next processing cycle, which is able to efficiently reducing downtime […]

Selecting Right Corona Treatment Equipment

Corona Treatment Equipment problems Many corona treaters break electrodes, burn up the shrouding, fail roll coatings and more. You may find the corona treatment equipment you being use is hard to treat material or is poor for adhesion, in worse situation, it might spend lots of your time on maintaining or repairing. this is the […]

Poor Adhesion of Corona Treater

  What is Corona Treatment Corona treatment (sometimes referred to as air plasma) is a surface modification technique that uses a low temperature corona discharge plasma to impart changes in the properties of a surface. In order words, Corona Treater is an equipment which be used for surface pre-treatment, however, the effects of corona treatment […]

Quality and Reliable Turret Winder Recommended

  Quality and Reliable Turret Winder Recommended   The Design of Turret Winder Turret winders typically are designed to small to medium sized batches of rolls of materials including flexible packaging, tape, paper, plastic film, and nonwovens from a continuously moving web. The turret winder ISI provided is advances in web positioning, tension control and […]